A list of things that keep me going when i feel down or forget what do i want out of life. I never noticed when these little things became my inspiration, but hey, it often comes in the most unusual forms so here are some of them.

Electronic music

At first i thought it was too rough and soulless but then i discovered some songs that went straight to my heart and fell in love with. They have that unique summer vibe that just has to cheer you up. Artists like Alesso, Avicii, Zedd and Ingrosso have a big place in my playlist, but i adore Kygo's songs because they're like dreams put into sound. They remind you that life doesn't need to be all darkness and drama. They whisper that everything you want is somewhere in your reach, but you have to keep going and trying because life's worth it. From beginning till the very end, it will all be worth it.

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  • More than you know, Ingrosso
  • Finally here, Avicii & Kygo style
  • Stranger things, Kygo
  • Without you, Embody
  • Trouble, Avicii


I'm a big quotes lover and my phone is full of them. I even started putting some on my walls to always have them in the back of my mind. So here are some of my favorites that always manage to lift me up or give me a good ol' kick in the ass when i get to whiny. Warning: there's A LOT of them but they're all good, trust me.

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Beautiful words

Nikita Gill's poetry
Trust me on this one, she is unique. One of the rare ones that made my eyes water as i was reading.

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There are more beautiful excerpts with other goddesses(hint the one with Persephone is stunning), so be sure to check out her instagram!

Dan Brown

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If you're more of an adventurous spirit, i highly recommand his books. They gave me thrill that no action movie ever could and the way he describes some of the prettiest cities and monuments in the world is priceless.


As many other wild souls here on whi i am also a wanderer and adventurer. I haven't been to many places, but that doesn't mean i'm not a traveller in my heart.

  • Australia
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My dream country since recently actually. I always wanted to live near the sea because life's easier there and people are kinder. The ocean really is a medicine.

  • Egypt
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Do i even need to explain? It's only been my dream since i was little. All the others were just a phase, but this one kinda stuck with me to this very day. Egypt is mystical and magical, every part of its story is veiled with secrecy, myths and mysteries.

  • Italy
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The country of love. The country i left my heart in. I've been to couple of cities in northern Italy on my school trip, but i want to see much more than that. Rome, Milan, Sicily - all of it! The streets, the shops the subtleness and elegance it radiates, it's just mesmerizing! Just remember where Renaissance and the most beautiful pieces of art came from and you'll understand why it's called the country of love.

This article was kind of random but i put my soul into it, went where my heart took me and ended up with a list of everything i never told anyone about, but it's quite special to me. Hope i helped or inspired you, because what else can we do here for eachother that's better than that?

-Love, Angie♡