The last few years I've really been influenced by whats going on in the world. if i think back to when i was younger, i had absolutely no idea what was going on in the world. i was happy. and of course I've always been aware that bad things happen, but i guess i trusted God to take care of things instead of worrying. thats not how it is anymore. this year there has been 18 school shootings. when i think about it, it makes me want to cry. where is this world going? we are slowly destroying ourselves and others. whether we mean to or not. sometimes i let my mind wander, but it always ends up with me worrying for days at a time. until another bad thing happens to take my mind off the previous thing.

Until one day woke up in the middle of the night to my dog trying to get under my blankets to cuddle with me. right then i noticed, i spend so much time thinking about bad stuff that i don't ever acknowledge the good things. the rainy days where you sit in your room and listen to slow music. the nights with friends, laughing about whatever inside joke you've come up with this time. the unexpected warm days. or the cold nights, drinking tea and petting your cat. when you hear a baby laugh. when you finally talk to your crush. when you find a new song or book you love. movie nights with family. an iced coffee on a warm day. helping someone who couldn't help themselves. these are the good moment that slip through our minds. the ones we forget. the beautiful ones.

Now don't get me wrong, things are terrible in the world. they really are. and I'm not saying we should ignore bad things. but we as a humans tend to complain when something bad happens, but never do anything to fix it. i think a lot of us miss opportunities to help people. help the dog you see walking around all the time, find it a new home, or keep it. let the pregnant women have your seat. volunteer at a soup kitchen and talk to the homeless about their lives. plant a tree for no reason, and go back in a couple of years to see how it grew. pick up the trash on the sidewalk. do something. we spend too much time waiting for small opportunities to help people, when most of the time we are too busy thinking about ourselves. it needs to stop. be kind.

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