Hey everyone, today I'm going to be writing about my opinion on the new Snapchat update! Before we get to that, I would like to say that I am very excited because I am going to be writing my very first article. I also forgot to mention that I have my very own blog and I would like to share it with you, thenerdyrosesblog.weebly.com!

Snapchat has been a very popular social media app over the past few years, but now that the update has came along, it's now just another regular social media app! The old snapchat was fun and it was more private than any regular social media app; we were able to choose our own friends that we want to talk to and it was never about the likes or the followers, it was just a fun way to interact with some family and friends. You were also able to check out youtubers and public accounts the post funny videos!

A few days later, a new update came along where you will be able to check out cool events from around the world and you were able to see cute videos of peoples cats and stuff. But now, it's just so stupid, now it's all about celebrities, youtubers, and just dumb tv shows. It is also super cluttered and its even harder to just see who even viewed your story; it's also hard to even check out other peoples stories too!

In conclusion, I wish Snapchat doesn't have to be like this anymore, now it's just another regular social media app! Everyone one is basically fighting to make Snapchat go back to normal. Oh well, sadly I cant change the update, so whatever! Thank you for reading this article and don't forget to like and follow!