So I was watching an episode of stranger things yesterday and I was really impressed by 80s style in the show.I was talking with my mom about 80s clothes so I wanted to do a little article about what 80s inspired clothes you can wear.

Washed denim jacket or denim jacket with fur

Denim jacket was a big thing in the 80s just like in the 90s.Everyone had one and it was just everyday item.

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They were often washed out or they had fur for colder days.

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Blazer with shoulder pads

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Women started to rule the world so they wanted to wear same blazers as mens.


They were comfortable and cool. Do I need to say anything more...

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Velvet dresses

It all started it the 80s and continued in the 90s.

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Stripy t shirts

It was such basic piece in the 80s. They are so cute and you can find them in different colors. I recomend you to check out your local thrift shop.

Image by llilalola806
Image by llilalola806

I hope you liked it. I did not mentioned everything.This is just smaller part.
I might do another part or something similar to this.

LOve you xoxo