so, this is my first time writing an article. this is more of an impulsive thing than anything so bear with whatever this is going to turn into. apologies in advance for the jumbled rambling that comes with allowing my messy thoughts to spill onto the page.

it's kind of hard, when everyone around you is in a relationship or has someone who cares about them, and you have to fight that painful feeling that you're going to be forever alone. i've never had a boyfriend before and i've never even been on a date. loneliness had never been a problem for me when i was younger; as a proud introvert, i craved solitude and my own company. but being an introvert doesn't mean you don't want the love and attention all humans desire. romantic love is everywhere around you; movies, tv shows, books, even reality. it's shoved in your face and it doesn't help that i'm a sucker for a good fictional romance.

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i'm slowly learning to love myself as difficult as it can be sometimes and i just think there is an important message for anyone struggling with being single, or just loneliness in general:

your self worth is NOT defined by having a boyfriend/girlfriend. you are no less important or valued because you have no partner. please know that you don't need anyone to validate you, because you are an amazing unique person and the best kind of love is self love. some of the best people i know have never been in a relationship and others who are less than ideal have been in more than their fair share. never be someone you aren't or force yourself into situations just to feel loved - something i'm also still learning - because when the person who matters loves you for YOU, it will feel so much more special.

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i guess this was as much for me as anyone else, a reminder to never allow loneliness to win even when everyone around you is happy and in love. i've never been in love - and that's okay. i can wait. i'm happy to wait and grow as a person who is ready to love and be loved.

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