Heyy guys,

So today I'm back with another article. And I didn't have that much inspiration today so I'm going to give you 50 facts about me

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1. I live in the Netherlands
2. I want to study English and become a teacher
3. This is my 13th year as a rhythmic gymnast
4. I have a big fat cat named after Pippi Longstocking
5. I have a horse to care for. It's not completely mine but I groom her and ride her.

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6. My favourite food is Sushi
7. I don't have a certain music taste. I like pop music, but I also enjoy music from the olden days or rock music. I actually like every kind of music I just don't like every song
8. I'm addicted to my phone
9. I try to live as positive as possible
10. I love to sing but I don't ever sing in front of people

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11. I play the ukulele
12. I LOVE reading
13. Sports are my life
14. I hate getting bad grades but I also hate studying
15. I'm friends with a few of my teachers (they're great people!)

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16. My favourite movie of all time is mamma mia (can't wait for mamma mia 2!)
17. I hate tomatoes
18. I love tumbler rooms which are perfectly clean but sometimes I can't even see my own floor
19. I can fall in love with both boys and girls
20. I've known my best friends for almost 14 years

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21. My ideal date would be looking at the stars on the beach
22. My biggest dream that could never happen is to win a credit card with unlimited money on it to literally shop till I drop
23. I don't wear make-up
24. My go-to drink is water
25. I've been to 12 countries in the world

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26. I've been to Disneyland one time in my life
27. My biggest fear is heights
28. I love to binge watch Netflix
29. My friends would describe me as ambitious.
30. I have a lot of friends but I wouldn't consider myself popular

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So those are 30 random facts about me. I literally just wrote these down as I was writing the article so they are in no specific order and probably very random but I guess that's fun too ;)

Thank you for reading!