Hi my name is Wylan Idris Harris you can read this article to see if you have anything similar to me and heart if you like it!

20 facts about me :
1. My name is Wylan Idris Harris
2. Nickname is Wywy or Princess or Princesswywy
3. Fav color is rainbow, pink, or peach
4. Fav animal is a turtle
5. Born in ChiTown
6. 2 dogs 2 turtles and a lot of fish
7. I have 3 siblings
8. My mom has 2 sets of twins
9. Black African American
10. I have a twin
11. several personalities
12. birthday May20
13. semi long curly thick hair
14. hazel eyes
15. fav food cupcake
16. upsessed with unicorns
17. what i am great at - singing
18. zodiac-taurus
19. fav song- Thank god for you-Kyndall Fed up- Laton Greene
20. Fashion style- adorable , mix matchy ,and wild