I truly love my friends aesthetics and I wanted to share them with you, please enjoy !

book, aesthetic, and beige image doctor, medicine, and medical image galaxy, quotes, and pink image book, library, and architecture image
C. the bookworm with wild dreams and a shy, loving personnality
stars, overlay, and constellation image girl, grunge, and indie image competition, fashion, and girl image astronomy, beauty, and blue image
A. sports enthusiast and astrology lover, overthinker and occasional poet
books, library, and reading image aesthetic, tumblr, and dog image 90s, grunge, and aesthetic image bikini, summer, and beach image
I. messy, colorful swimmer and book lover, gives the best hugs
tauofam image anatomy, student, and funny image funny, stress, and lol image friends, girl, and friendship image
M. simply cannot choose between singing and basketball, sweetheart, sweet laugh
girl, flowers, and hair image vegetarian and vegan image people, street, and vintage image plants, girl, and nature image
J. the sweetest, the purest, the funniest girl I've met, good humoured and kind, an angel

Thank you for sticking with me until the end, I really hope you enjoyed it.

Please, look arround you and you'll find love, kindness and caring people everywhere, the purest gems are not always the ones you would expect.
I wish I had had the opportunity to do more of my friends so maybe I'll do a part 2, tell me if you'd enjoy it ;)