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Have you ever felt really twisted before? Like you don't know where you belong to, what you want to do, how you feel?

You want to fit in but shine in your own light.
You want to stay in your comfort zone but run away to discover new things.
You want to love and be loved but push everyone away.

You maybe don't even know what of these things you actually want.
Everything at once or nothing at all.

Cutting out everything, staying in the safety of your room, just you and the computer, the comfort of the online world.
Going out, throw everything away, taking risks till you feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins.

Protect your heart, keep your mind clear, don't let anyone too close for feelings to happen.
Love easily, forgive and move on quickly, not too much caring just for some special ones.

A little mix of all?
But how can a small heart keep up with all of this?
Too many emotions.
Too many fears have occupied the space in your mind.
Is it worth it to want it all?
Too many struggles in your daily life, even if you don't do anything at all.
Too many decisions to make, too much pressure from society.

Take a break, rest your mind.
Breath in and out.
Let your thoughts run free.
Keep going, don't look back.
It's not too late to start something.

Maybe we'll find it.
The silver lining, the colors at the horizon.
Our little peace of mind.
Our safe spot, the place where we belong.
To be truly free.

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