Hello! I don’t usually do two articles in one day. But as I was scrolling through some of the We Heart It articles, I came across an article called “ My Name In Colours “ by @DazedAura. I thought it was really cool, so I decided to do it. Below is that article.

The original article!

(if you didn’t know)

A - Aquamarine

etsy, swarovski earrings, and gift for her image donuts, food, and blue image

M - Maroon

beauty, fall, and fashion image converse, shoes, and all star image

A - Amazon

nature, waterfall, and green image green, color, and art image

N - Navy Blue

fashion, outfit, and blue image fashion, girl, and necklace image

D - Daffodil

flowers image cheap, daffodil, and neck image

A - Aqua

fashion, girl, and dress image blue, pencil, and green image

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