okay hi, before i start this i just want to say thank you. thank you for reading and hearting my articles. you all are very kind. i used to really want to start writing and have people read my stories. thats why you guys are really helping me. i really appreciate it! i don't want to be those types of people who are like "go tell all your friends to read my stuff!" but i am. oops. it really would mean a lot if you could. i want people to know me. i want people to know what I'm thinking and how i feel about something. i have so much more stuff planned for my account and my writing. thank you guys so much.

on friday i think it was one of my favourite fridays. my mom and i went shopping and i got two pairs of dungarees and this rainbow shirt. they're so cute lol. then we went to a book store and dear lord it was heaven. i haven't been to a book store in a LONG time.

on saturday i had my mall lock-in. it was pretty fun. i got a few shirts. i met these girls who were huge harry potter fans like me and we talked for about 30 minutes. they were so nice. then this little was running around asking if people could find her phone cause i guess she lost it. i felt bad but like i guess that kinda proves she isn't ready for a phone. oops.

thank you for reading <3