Before starting, try to use this song to focus more on the reading and feel it more intense.
Dean Martin - On An Evening in Roma.


The topic "Cities" is basically one of my favorites to write about, because it brings more than one subject to write, and tbh Ive been very lucky to visit not only Rome, but many other cities, and this is why I wanted to share the experience with everyone reading, so you get to know it like if you were there.

Meeting a city is not just visiting It, and do things everybody does in this city, is about learning the past of It, and what holds on the future of this city, you can even do this in your home.


Rome, as many other cities in Europe, holds more old history than nothing, and It's super interesting because you can basically feel in those golden years if you really see this city with imagination.

Walking down Rome feels like trapped in a romantic story and age, even more than Paris, and let me tell you is not because you see couples kissing everywhere because It doesn't happen that way, It is because It feels just like that, makes you feel like in those old movies, in which you want to dance in the middle of the street, and sing at the top of your lungs, and eat thousands of gelattos and pastas and pizzas.

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Try to visit as many old buildings in here, because they are plenty.
If you go to Rome and dont visit the Colosseum or the Fontana di Trevi, is like if you were never there.

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Fun fact, this city holds the city of the Vaticano, which is an independent state, which holds a lot of different laws and everything.

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So, in few words Rome is an spectacular place to go, perfect for a honeymoon, perfect to go alone, perfect to go with your family, but mostly perfect if you go with your soul in your heart and open up It to this city, youll fall in love with it, no regrets.

Ps: Don't forget to take the metro, Is basically the easiest way to get everywhere in Rome, in casy you want to visit other cities near Rome, try the train.

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Also don't forget to bring your music while walking down the streets of Rome.