I often find myself staring in the mirror at least twice a day. Maybe after I shower, when I'm on the toilet, or in a mirror at a random public toilet. And what do I see? I see a girl who is very insecure. A girl who is doubting herself. A girl who is thinking; why do I look like this? Why was I born like this?
And sometimes, its almost like I'm punishing myself. I tell myself that I'm ugly. That I'm not like other girls. That someone like me, no matter what people say, will never be considered beautiful.
I punish myself by questioning all the "wrong" things about my body.

Why is my face so asymmetric?
Why am I so pale?
Why are my eyebrows at different heights on my face?
Why do I have acne?
Why is my forehead so big?
Why is my butt flat?
Why won't my boobs grow?
Why don't I have my period yet, when I'm 15 years old?

What is wrong with me?


I know that this article might not make sense to you, and its not really going somewhere, but honestly I just had a lot of random thoughts that I needed to get out.
I hope that I will learn how to love myself one day.

insecurity kills all that is beautiful

- demi lovato