I was wondering if you have ever met someone so terribly disingenuous. there are people out there who you can tell by heir actions just how calculated and fake they are. they say things just because they like the sound of it coming out of their mouth. they are not actually "hopelessly in love" with the little thing in life, nor are they as cool as they so desperately need you to believe. you can tell that nothing they do actually belongs to them. sure they pretend to "own" what ever it is they're doing, but they're probably just doing it because they saw a character in a movie do it and thought it looked stellar. these people though athirst may seem to be remarkably enchanting become translucent in little time. they are thought through, planned out, and probably insecure. the point here is to see these people as they really are and as a result of that pity them, I guarantee you it will make them break.

morituri te salutamus,