Why do you have to die inside
to create something more
vibrant, more lush?
Why does the art have more
life in it than the artist
holding the brush?

We learn that lights can't escape
black holes,
but yet it escapes the mind through
the hand of the one it controls.

Dark quotes, hidden tears and
broken smiles showing
beaten hearts.
Is this the world you want
your kids to grow?
To be apart?


I, myself, have fallen under
the spell..
(To write when things aren't
going so well..)

But maybe it's the only way
to express what words can't say.
When people's opinions and comments
will only live for a moment
while the art I created
(by time) won't be defeated.

Pictures, sculptures, paintings
whatever you soul needs
to share feelings without using
the mouth for the deed.

Although I will never understand
how pain causes wonder..
I have learned that in the darkness
there is beauty in the midnight-wonders.