Do you feel sometimes like you are dying and you keep thinking what i am doing wrong? Well. i will enlighten you then, it's not always you, it's the people around you and those toxic friendships or relationships that keeps dragging you down. Let's be realistic, people are disgusting and after you spit them out the taste is even worse. It takes years to get over them. I mean, those senseless little bastards dared to crush my little heart knowing that it would take years to heal.. but still, it was their choice. I may sound a little angry but deep down i pray for them. I pray 'cause i want them to realize what they had lost, the most sincere person who was ready to fight for them and in that battle they choose to surrender. I'm still standing in the middle of the battlefield, bleeding, and this time maybe, looking for someone who could save me. It's not my fault they gave up, sometimes it's just not you, it's the everyone else.