So here you are, standing in a store surrounded by a thousand cameras. Everything starts to look the same and when you ask for help from an employee they start using words you've never heard of before. Well I've been there and done that, so now I'm here with some tips to help you get out of that store with a camera that suits you the best!


It's easier to know what you're going to use this new camera for, so you can buy one which will match the best for you . It can be for taking pictures of your make up, taking pictures of the nature or shooting people.

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Okay I felt like teacher while writing that. (lol) But this is very important to do in order to understand what you're reading/hearing. I've found a blogger who talks about the basic terms of photography for beginners. You can write all of these down in your own words so it'll be easier for you to understand and remember.

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Start asking that favourite photographer/blogger of yours what he or she is using and also what lens it is. Most of the time you see them using a pretty basic camera but their lens is super good! Try to ask more than 1 person so you'll have more options. You can send them a simple DM or e-mail if they have that up. Oh and also try to ask the people who are shooting the stuff you'd like to shoot, then you can choose more easily.

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I know what you're thinking, ''Here she comes with aaalll those lists again.'' But trust me of you don't write all of these down you're gonna forget most of the stuff and we don't want that, especially with investing so much money in a camera.

What I would advice you is to write down all those cameras you've seen or got from the bloggers/photographers and write behind each of them what kind of specialties they have. You can find reviews on Google or Youtube so you'll know in details what those specialties have and you won't be able to forget it!

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Okay, here are some extra tips that I've got from my own experience!

❤ Buy a camera with wifi!
This will be so much easier to transfer the pictures to your phone instead of doing that with your laptop. Not only you'll be able to get all the pictures in a couple of minutes on your phone but also connect your phone to it and take the pictures from your own phone, so that's great if you don't have anyone to take a picture from you!

❤ Play around with the settings
Pleasee do this one, don't be scared to mess up something cause on these big cameras you have sooo much more abilities to take awesome pictures or videos with than your phone (ofcourse!)

❤ Shooting in cloudy weather!
Yes, this is the perfect weather for shooting basically anything. In sunny weather the sun is most of the time in your face which isn't really helping you to smize (lol put in that ANTM gurll) and you have the same lightning the whole entire shoot long (woohoo!)

❤ Don't buy EVERYTHING
What I mean is try not to buy the best lens right away or lights etc. At first try to learn the basics and when you know those you know from experience what lens is going to be the best for your shoots and maybe you're never going to use those lights you bought, and that's a waste of money, right?

❤ Canon or Nikon?
I get this question soooo much, omg. Honestly they're both amazing cameras it all depends on which one of the cameras has the options that you are looking for in a camera. (I hope you get what I mean by that lol) If you want more information about this there are many sites who'd love to explain this to you in detail, so go to our beloved uncle Google and ask him!

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Oh before I forget and get all your messages asking me about my own camera it's the Nikon D5300 with a basic kit lens (18-55mm) I choose this one because it has a build in WiFi and it's lighter than your average camera (yay!) I'm planning to get a better lens, but #brokestudentlife :(

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Oh btw this was the review I used for my own camera, this person was the most clear one I found on YouTube who explains it all in a clear and understandable way. You can check him out and see if he also has one of your camera!

Alright, this has been a waaaay to long article and I hope this helped you a bit! You can still send me a message if you have any questions, I'd love to help you!

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