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Stranger things

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Okay, I think this netflix series is in almost everyones list of favorite shows.
But honestly its amazing.

The show is about four friends in the 1980's (Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Will), but when Will disappears a lot of strange things happen. For example: the appearance of Eleven.

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The first episode was in my opinion a bit boring and I wasn't planning on watching more episodes, but then all my friends said that it would get like a 100 times better after episode one.

And believe me, it does.

Teen Wolf

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my cutiesss

Teen wolf is my absolutely number one favorite tv show.
Its about a boy (Scott) who gets bitten by a werewolf, he and his bestfriend (Stiles) eventually create a pack and they experience the craziest supernatural things.
It has 6 seasons with all 24 episodes.
Plus it has a really good looking cast.

I definitely recommend it!

The Flash

the fastest man alive

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The Flash is such a cool show.
It's really funny and I get really motivated to learn physics because off all the smart people in the show. It makes me think about the universe and time travel a lot more, which I love!

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The flash is about Barry Allen who gets electrocated by lightning. after that, he gets a super power: running as fast as the speed of light.


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If you like gossip girl, you definitely like Dynasty.
It's a really good show, with a lot of drama.

Dysnasty is a remake/modernized reboot of the Dysnasty in the 80's.

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This netflix show is about the Carringtons and their glamourous life. They're extremly wealthy.

The End Of The F**king World

At first, when I watched the trailer I was like mwah, I don't know if I'm gonna like it.
but now, I love it.

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TEOTFW is a dark comedy based on a novel. Here goes the storyline:
James thinks he's a psychopath because he had never felt any emotion, until he met Alyssa. At first he only runs away with her because he wants to kill her, but later on, he finds out he is capable of loving.

I simply love the show.

''He went to kill her but ended up dying for her''


well that was it for today, these were my five favorite netflix shows. If you want me to do a part two (I have more faves) let me know!

this is my collection with some pictures of my babys (cast of my favorite series.)