Hello Hearters!

This new step of my writing challenge is dedicated to know each other more telling two memories.
I really though so much about what I should tell for representing myself and there some really big things that had been happen into my life that made me who I am today, but I don't wanna talk about those "big things", so I am going to talk about something new that is not surronded by melanchony.

1. a very happy birthday.

Two years ago I spent a very good day, the day of my birthday with my mom. The night before my best friend planned for me a surprise party with all my friends and with the help of my dad, my mom and her mom. She made all the decorations about the theme of cats, sunflowers and moons. Three things that represent myself. There was an amazing night with food, good people and games. The morning after my mom took me to a restaurant near the sea, we had lunch together with my favorite food and later we went for a walk.
It was a really great day and a very big surprise.

emoji, moon, and png image cat, pink, and art image flowers, sunflower, and yellow image balloons, white, and party image

2) My Uncle's gift.

This is a memory I have only in vhs. It is about my 2nd Christmas Day at my granparent's house. There where people who are not alive anymore and they are so happy. My aunt was pregnant of my cousin and my uncle and my other aunt gave me this enormous stuffed dog. There's this funny conversation on the vhs in which I talk with my aunt about the name of the dog and it's really hilarious.

I miss those moments but I am so happy to be able to re-watching them.

christmas, snow, and winter image babies, christmas, and d image family, christmas, and winter image babies, baby, and merry christmas image

That's all, people.
I hope you like this idea to share precious moments.

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see ya soon,

- themermaidwriter.