hello! in my previous article on studying, I mentioned notes, but very briefly. today I will give more tips, advice, and instructions on how to improve your notes.

1. Supplies

supplies are very important. you don't need super high-quality or expensive pens, but you should have a variety of color, size, and tool. highlighters, pens, pencils, and sturdy paper are all necessities, but you can also buy sticky notes, washi tapes, and organizers.

having colorful materials will encourage and motivate you to study more, and to take more notes.

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2. Setting Your Notes Up

you have to have a layout for your notes, otherwise you'll take up too much space on some parts of the page, while cramping other facts in tight spaces. there are all sorts of ideas you can use: cornell notes (https://www.wikihow.com/Take-Cornell-Notes), making yourself a glossary page, a table of contents, dedicating one whole page to in intricate diagram with arrows pointing to parts, anything. just as long as you know what goes where.

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3. Fun Extras!

now that you know what to do, write down your notes. use your highlighters, pens, glitter, tape, stickers- whatever you want. use pretty banners and ribbons like these:

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you can also use symbols, like below:

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4. Summary

this is a teaching tool my science teacher uses. for every module vocabulary and text we completed, we needed to summarize the pages in the textbook we were focusing on for that module (mods are sections within units. ex: unit 2 mod 5, unit 4 mod 7a and mod 7b, unit 2 mod 2, etc.). this was helpful, because rewriting helps your remember things, and it was a quicker refrence than the actual textbook as it was shorter and more to the point.

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that's it! i hope this article was helpful. this is the article I referenced at the top:

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