1/2 cup of grain porridge or Breakfast cereal-grain
An apple-Fruits
1/2 cup of soy milk-Fabaceae, Calcium

1 cup of Cooked lentils soup and 1 cup of cooked Vegetables
( Onion, Carrot, Celery ) - 2 Fabaceae,2 Vegetables

Slice of bread-Cereals

1 1/2 cups of watermelon or any other fruit-Fruits


A pop-up dish includes 2 cups of green vegetables

1/2 cup of Tofu cubes - 1 Fabaceae, Calcium-rich food

A teaspoon of Soy sauce and of a Sesame oil

-Cooked Whole grains(Quinoa for an example)

1/2 cup of soy milk-rich in Calcium -


Chocolate, Banana, and Berries shake with chocolate soy milk
with 2 spoons of Flaxseed/ Chia seeds
2 spoons of Sunflower seeds/Pumpkin seeds
this pictures are really important

***And again' you should try challenge 22+' it will help you a lot on your way and its very fun and easy' you have nothing to lose!*

_Some Simple Meal Ideas_

.Cold cereal or granola with nondairy milk
.Oatmeal or other hot cerealBreakfast foods
.Bagel with vegan cream cheese
.Toast with jelly
.Fruit smoothie
.Tofu scramble with veggie sausage
.Fruit-filled toaster pastry

Lunch & Dinner
.Veggie burger or hot dog with fries
.Mock lunchmeat sandwich with chips
.Faux meat with baked or mashed potatoes and gravy
.Vegetable stir-fry with tempeh, tofu, or seitan
.Falafel pita sandwich with hummus or tabouli
.Peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Lunch & dinner foods
.Soup or chili over pasta or rice
.Baked tempeh or tofu sandwich
.Pasta and tomato sauce
.Bean burrito
.Veggie pizza
.Seitan casserole
.Tofu lasagna

Snacks & DessertSnack & dessert foods
.Vegan pie, cookies, or cake
.Nondairy ice cream, yogurt, or pudding
.Fresh or dried fruit
.Nuts or seeds
.Trail mix
.Pretzels or popcorn
.Chips and salsa
.Energy bar (such as vegan Clif Bar)