this article is going to be about my morning routine/ morning routine hacks!

wake up

bed beautiful animal coffee

so i set my alarm at 6:20 & go on instagram, snapchat, etc. normally i'll put my earbuds in & listen to my morning to playlist to wake up.

eating breakfast

breakfast Superthumb banana breakfast

so for breakfast i normally have waffles, cereal, or toast. i'll also have a glass of water to wake me up!

getting dressed

bag korea denim aesthetic

i always have my outfit set out the night before, so this step doesn't take long.

getting ready

Superthumb makeup

this is when i actually start getting ready.
first, i start by wiping my face with a makeup wipe (i normally don't have time to completely wash my face). next, i brush my teeth. after that, i put some moisturizer & chapstick on. if needed i put on some concealer & then i'm done!

so yeah, that's it!

i hope you enjoyed this! <3