Hi, it's me again

I would like to talk about pain today. You can feel pain in so many ways that sometimes it can be mistaken for some other emotion, like anger. No matter the form it comes in, it's always so hard to deal with it. So what do we do? We bottle it. We store it in such a way that, for moments, we forget that it's there. We start to think that it's gone, but it's not. It's there. Waiting for you to relax.

Recently I had that one moment of purity. I could clearly understand what I feel. Even tho that lasted for just a few minutes before I got lost again, I understood. I understood that I'm not angry, I'm not weak, I'm not stupid for believing, I'm not crazy, I am simply hurt.

I could feel it in my heart, clear pain. It tried to suffocate me, to break me, to make me believe that it was my fault.
I wish I could tell you that I had some kind of solution for it.
I don't.
But I am searching for it. I am searching for a way to move on, for a way to keep my mind clear. Until I find it, I will be grateful for those few minutes every once in a while.

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