Hey guys! I wasn't planning on doing two articles today but I was scrolling through WeHeartIt and saw this article by @3th3r3al_ called 'COLORS IN MY NAME' I think this is such a cool concept so I'm giving the credit to @3th3r3al_ because that's where I had seen it.

The original article

So first of all, my name is Shathana. This is a Sri Lankan name however it is spelt the German way. In Tamil it means fulfilment.

S - Silver

dress, fashion, and silver image chandelier and interior image stars, silver, and white image shine, balls, and disco image

H - Hibiscus

flowers, pink, and pretty image flowers, tropical, and summer image strawberry, drink, and food image nails, pink, and girly image

A - Amethyst

necklace, crystal, and blue image crystal, purple, and stone image chanel, fashion, and bag image door, purple, and vintage image

T - Tan

brown, clothes, and girl image puma, shoes, and sneakers image coffee, drink, and brown image polaroid image

H - Hunter Green

christmas, winter, and holiday image nails, green, and camouflage image aesthetic, dark, and forest image Temporarily removed

A - Aquamarine

green, mermaid, and grunge image beach, clear, and paradise image blue, crystal, and necklace image summer, blue, and tumblr image

N - Neon Purple

purple, neon, and light image purple, light, and bed image light, purple, and japan image hell, neon, and light image

A - Azure

ice cream, blue, and food image accessories, art, and azure image summer, sea, and beach image blue, sea, and book image

That's it for this article, I know it isn't the typical colours but its quite hard to find common colours. I hope you enjoyed.

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