Recently I cleaned out my closet and honestly, I felt so good afterwards. Seeing the amount of space I now have in my drawers is honestly so amazing.

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I have one massive Ikea drawer chest with four compartments, then a super tiny closet. I started off with the closet then moved onto the drawers but here is how I did it.

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1. Go through your clothes: If I found a piece that I hadn’t worn in over three months, I tossed it aside. Also, if I found something that was not my style, I put that aside as well.

2. Separate tossed clothes into two piles: These two piles can be ‘donate’ and ‘sell’. I went through everything I had and if they were in amazing condition, I put it under ‘sell’. If I didn’t see any value in the clothes, I put it in ‘donate’.

3. Organize: After making piles, I organized the clothes I actually wanted to keep. I put all of my pants, t-shirts, and undergarments into the drawers, then dresses and jackets into my closet.

4. Goodwill/Buffalo Exchange/Local Thrift Shop: The next day, I took my clothes to their appropriate locations and either dropped them off or sold them.

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Most places will NOT purchase all of your clothes, which is why I use Poshmark. Whatever I wasn’t able to sell in store, I listed it on my poshmark.

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