“They say a house is just a house without mom, and now i started to comprehend someday the home will become just a house and i am scared, i am scared to confront that. The truth is we all are scared of losing, maybe we all try to escape it by suppressing it, but our heart knows a soul will be vanished from existence, it will faint into oblivion but what will remain is memories. Imagining about how someday the books will stop arranging themselves in bookshelves and the messy room gets stop organise themselves? How oneday the half-filled bottle gets full by the time I get to my bed to sleep will stop? How oneday the hot tea stops to wait on the table irrespective of the time? Or how someday the voice that works as an alarm clock to wake me up will turn off for forever? this frightens me.” i answered

“Yes.. It certainly does frighthents. Doesn’t it ? losing the person who selflessly devote their life to us ?, He says looking at my eyes “But don't think about what our future holds, think about what you have right now, because sometimes ‘is’ is better than ‘will’. Our future is determined by now. To make ‘will’ better you have to make ‘now’ better.’ Enjoy the time you have with her. Adore the fleeting moments, make them permanently imprinted on your mind. Because in the end all you have are memories of those fleeting moments. So capture them and when you feel like you can’t bear the pain anymore, flip through the memory and trust me it will alleviate the pain.”

“Our life is not a rainbow, it is just an unaesthetic combination of colors and you make it rainbow by putting then in chronological order and by eradicating the inessential ones. This is the way one should live their life. Remember we are the maker of our own ends” he said and get up from the bench and left the room with a warm smile.

And suddenly I realize how a small talk with somebody can be able to hush the relentless violence you are having in mind. Isn’t it really beguilingly fascinating how some people are so good at curing scars with their use of words. The problem is we keep using words to curse people but less to bless them.

Maybe we can make a difference by effort. Effort is what needed. Just like the Morgan Freeman said, we can change the world by one random act of kindness. Try to be kind because it's free.