When i start a book, i always read the last words of it
i don't know why, i just did it once out of curiosity and it became my thing to do.

i love to connect the last words to the current onces i'm reading.
But somehow it's more than that.

Miles Halter from the brilliant Book 'Looking for Alaska' had a thing for last words of famous people, i have one for the last words of books.

I think the reason is the same: after a whole life with passion, pain and much more feelings..
it's interesting to know what the Person wants to say for the very last time.

Sure the book isn't a breathing human being
but it was made by one and for humans. the very last words of a book, is the end of a Story, of Passion, pain and much more Feelings. It's the last offical thought of the Author.

Sometimes mind-blowing, sometimes just silly.

"I dont know where there is, but i believe it's somewhere, and i hope it's beautiful' - last words of the book: Looking for Alaska

PS.: Thanks for taking the time to read that little, silly article.
Hope u have a great day!!