in the need of something better to do i decided to make this kind of "clarification" post thing to better explain my ocs because it might all look like a horrible mess without any explanation so yeah
(edit after writing this: yep it still looks a mess lmao)
(edit 2 :i might or might not add to this or edit it later but here it is and i'm most likely going to write a lil summary of all the ocs now because holy fuck i do not have a goddamn life)

this all most likely makes more sense if you're familiar with saints row since everything is based on that game franchise but ya know, whatever


[ 90s au ] | oc | collections

[carlos, ingo, ivan, johnny, lin, mike, pierce, shaundi, zimos]

  • they're basically a high school AU
  • | oc city | stilwater is their city
  • somewhere in the 90's

[ 90s au ] | ocs | collections

[mike & ingo, mike & ivan, mike & johnny]

  • they're high school AU pairings
  • mike & ingo and mike & ivan are platonic pairings
  • mike & johnny is a romantic pairing
  • somewhere in the 90's

[ 00s au ] | oc | collections

[ida, johnny, lin, matt, mike, pierce, seraphina]

  • adult versions of high school AU ocs + seraphina & matt
  • carlos, shaundi and zimos are in this AU too but they just don't have separate collections
  • | oc city | steelport is their city
  • somewhere in the 00's

[ 00s au ] | ocs | collections

[mike & johnny, ida & seraphina, all]

  • adult ocs
  • mike & johnny and ida & seraphina are romantic pairings
  • | ocs | all is the whole gang
  • somewhere in the 00's