11.Describe 9 pet peeves that you have

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1.- the people who walk slow, especially when you're in a hurry and the person who go in front of you stop or dont let you pass
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2.- those who mistreat animals, this is obvious, that kind of people are monsters
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3.- when people hear music without headphones, it's ok if you are at a party or something like that, but when you are at the street is a little bit annoying
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4.- when people talk like babies, oh god is so annoying when people do that
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5.- the ambiguity, This bothers me a bit with adult people, they should know where to go or what to do with their lives
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6.- the lies
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7.- the hypocrisy
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8.- self-centeredness, is ugly when the people can't see anything more than they noses, they believe they are the center of the universe
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9.- the people who criticize that you do not do something and they do not either (example: something is dirty and they get upset because you have not cleaned it out, even when they could clean it up and they havent too)

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