1.TO BE YOUR CHARACTER.To be your character as it is .Your character make your self .You must show your character because your character is special and beautiful your character is a piece of your self is unique .To do and to be that you must show it.

2.TO BE YOUR STYLE.To be your style as is it stranger,beautiful,ugly,poor ,rich as is it is beautiful and a piece of you.Your style makes you happy and keeps you strong.Your style make you unique .Your style make you different make you person.

3.TO BE THAT YOU FEEL.To be that you feel every day ,every time,every minute...You must to show that you feel.You must to be your feelings your happy your life

4.TO BE YOU.You must to be you.To be your daily routine with your bad and good habits .To be all your life.To be your life every day .You must have your behavior your special behavior .Just to be you just to be your special self.

5.TO BE YOUR LIFE.To be your life .To be that you do in your life every day i mean YOUR SPECIAL SELF.Your self is your life...but and your life is your self.


Please read this special article from a special hearter.

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