Hello my lovelies!! So I decided to write about my updated playlist because i've discovered some new artist and i really think everyone should at least give them a listen.

Hayley Kiyoko-Curious

Hayley is such a great singer and she's slowly starting to blowing up! Her new music video curious is such a bop! She's a LGBT singer too btw, she's lesbian just letting y'all know.

hayley kiyoko Superthumb hayley kiyoko

The 1975- falling for you

I mentioned them in my last playlist article but i have to say this song is just amazing, i definitely recommend listening to them!

Astrid S- Think before I talk

Oh god, i just discovered her music yesterday and WOW! she kinda looks like Zara Larsson and a mix of Gigi Hadid. But i highly recommend listening to this song!

astrid s Superthumb singer Superthumb

Stir fry-Migos
This is honestly a good song just to vibe too.

New Freezer- Rich the kid ft.Kendrick Lamar

another good song to get lit too.

Madison Beer- Home with you

She honestly has the voice of a angel! If you never heard of her before definitely listen to her!

Camila Cabello- In the dark

I love this song i mainly listen to it when i'm feeling down or i'll send it to my friend whenever she's feeling down.

camila cabello camila cabello camila cabello

Halsey- Bad at love

I love this song, everything Halsey makes is really good but this one has got to be one of my favorites!

Lana Del Ray- Serial Killer

this song is unreleased but i manged to find it on youtube and it's such a bop!

Sabrina Claudio- I don't

Sabrina has the voice thats just really ugh i dont even know how to describe it but all her music is amazing!

Sabrina Claudio- Belong to you

SZA- The weekend

Yet Another bop! I always listen to this song whenever i just want to get lit af

teenage fever-Drake
don't even have to day anything about this song, its just amazing.

Freaky Friday-feat.Chris Brown