Over the years, I've found myself with a severe addiction to my iPhone. I am always trying to find new ways to keep myself occupied and away from technology. Here are a few things I like to do, enjoy!

1. Go on a walk or hike

travel, girl, and nature image map, adventure, and travel image

2. Work out

fitness and girl image running image

3. Organize something

bedroom, room, and home image Image by Mouna DramaQueen

4. Paint your nails

nails, yellow, and beauty image gucci, nails, and red image

5. Watch music videos

Guns N Roses, black and white, and guns and roses image blackbear image

6. Read a book

flowers and cute image book image

7. Yoga

Image by Elerea exercise, fitness, and goals image

8. Paint

Image by find the feed you like! art, aesthetic, and eye image

9. Make a new friend

girl, fashion, and dress image car, friends, and travel image

10. Pick flowers

flowers, aesthetic, and shadow image beautiful, flowers, and tumblr image

11. Take a bubble bath

Image removed purple image

12. Plant a garden

Image by getitifyoucan Image by MCLAREN - B@H@DIR

13. Go swimming

pool, summer, and water image girls, light, and night image

14. Try a new recipe

baking, breakfast, and coffee image cooking, food, and girly image

15. Make friendship bracelets

beach, holiday, and sea image arms, vibes, and background image

16. Write in a journal

journal, art, and article image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

17. Braid someone's hair

hair image Image removed

18. Write a poem

quotes and grunge image funny, bitch, and quotes image

19. Dance

ballet, dance, and pink image ariana grande, reebok, and dangerous woman image

20. Makeup

kylie jenner makeup, girl girly lady, and alternative vintage image red, makeup, and girl image