Hi, hey, hello…I decided I´ll try to do the 30 day writing challenge. I´m not exactly sure how this will do, but it´s worth a try. I'm not a writer or anything like that, but it's fun to let your thoughts out. And also, this is my very first article. :) I'M EXCITED!

30 Day Writing Challenge // DAY 01:

1. Riding – I don´t know if it´s obvious for it to be on this list, but yes it does make me happy and after that so called ˝break˝ I truly realized that I love doing that and as long as I have a smile on my face I´m doing the right thing.

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2. Listening to music when I´m alone – I prefer to listen to music when I´m alone, I don´t know why but I just feel better. Especially if I´m in a really great mood I like to dance around. And by dancing I mean jumping around like an idiot. At least if I was jumping to the beat…I´m not

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3. Shiva, Kala and Costanza – (Shiva and Kala are/were my dogs, Costanza is a horse I rode) Shiva and Kala aren´t alive anymore, but I still love talking about them. They are apart of my childhood and my early teens. And I love them to death. Costanza…I haven´t ridden her..uf..in a long, long time (she's old)…but I think every rider has that one horse that they won´t ever forget. She wasn´t even my horse, but she is the most amazing horse, with an interesting personality and she´ll always have a special place in my heart.

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Shiva was a German Shepard and Kala was a black lab. Costanza has a scar on her head, that kind of looks like a Harry Potter scar. And if I'll ever get a tattoo, I'll probably get a tattoo of that scar. She's a white italian warmblood.

4. When I set a goal and I achieve it – with this one I don´t have anything specific in mind. Overall it´s an amazing feeling.

5. Spending time with people I love

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6. Travel – I haven´t travelled as much as I would like to. But just going to different places/countries is amazing.

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7. When I´m proud – this one is someway similar to number 4. But I feel like it´s kind of different. I don´t always have to be proud of myself, I´m proud of my friends, my family, people around me.

It´s getting tough…

8. Watching motivation videos or listening to motivation audios – I don´t know what is it about those videos/audios but they make me feel amazing.

9. Looking at the stars/clouds – that´s something I loved to do since I was young and I still love to do, but I'm sad I don't do it as often…I always saw so many things in the sky. And that reminded me…number 10.

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10. Drawing – that is the number one thing I´ve been doing ever since I can remember. I used to draw everywhere I went. Today, I wish I drew more. But we always want things and ourselves to be perfect and we sometimes forget to let loose.

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If you did read (even if just a small piece), thank you.
Love, K

DAY 01 // 18.02.2018 // 23:48

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