Hello everybody in this 3rd article of mine i'll talk about my goals and dreams i want to achieve!! I've dreamed of these for a really long time!!! I mostly only share it with very close family and friends of mine :). But today i wanted to share them with y'all!!
I wrote this article hoping you'll like it ,get to know me better, see how i think and just also to remind what i want to achieve. Maybe i can even inspire or motivate you by reading this article!

~ lots of kisses @vogueteehns :) ♥♥♥

1. Live in Los Angeles, I have always wanted to live in Los Angeles and have my own house over there. I just adore the palmtrees and the beach. I can already see myself in my Jeep ( i'll talk about that in the next one) passing by a palmtree street dancing on some music with my friends in the car. Besides i really want to shop at Melrose Avenue , The Grove and the biggest Brandymelville store! I also just want to shop and eat at malls and cute foodshops because they don't have those in my country :( .

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2. Having a black matte or glossy Jeep !!!
This is for sure my dream car currently because it just looks so nice and modern. I'm also pretty used to riding in a Jeep since my parents have one.

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3. Having my dream modern black & white house. Me and my bestfriend always imagine how our house would look like : A pool for sure with a hella big garden, where we'd have a fire camp and a garden lounge. On the outside a sort of ''blocky'' modern house shape if you know what i mean with black, white and a dark or light woody color. It would also have a very nice floral but still royaled themed bathroom. Ofcourse a big kitchen with a kitchen island. I've been dreaming about my own kitchen island since i was 11 or something. My house should have a nice white classy modern , beachy and royal bedroom for me also with a classy royal modern walk in closet. I'd have lots of windows around my house because i like the sunlight shining through! For sure want my house on a spot where there's lots of sunshine for my flowers that i'll plant in my garden and so i can calmly watch the sunset every night.

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4. I want to have my stuff organised. I'm a pretty messy person but not dramatically messy, so i'd like to have everything ( clothes, work , schoolwork, papers ) organised. When i have something organised i feel better about my self and the situation. I'm currently working on it !

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5. Having a well paid job and working hard (for it).
I don't want to rely on my beloved partner (if i have one at the time lol). I want to earn my own coins and bread. I probably want to be my own boss and have my own clinic. I also want to work very hard for what i want, i want to treat myself after that too. Lately i've been trying to work even harder for my school(work)! I might even want to purchase a planner just to get things really nicely done. This also kinda falls under having everything together and organised. Shopping and traveling makes me very happy so i'd like to do that for ''treating myself''. Basically i want to be this powerful woman who just shines in a room full of people without saying anything and is her own ''sugar daddy'' hahaha.

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6. Now quitting all the material things, i want to dress more like me.
I know it sounds weird but for some reason i didn't dress as myself last year. I used to always dress the same over and over again, even though i have a lot of cute clothes in my closet. I'd make ( and still sometimes do ) silly excuses like '' i can't wear it, it's cold or i'll wear it in the summer soon or no i don't want to make it dirty''. I think because i didn't feel that good and comfortable in my own skin? Last year wasn't the best year. I raid out my closet recently and im selling all of my old clothes i don't like anymore or don't feel confident in anymore on a app(Depop or United Wardrobe). I'm doing this so i can 1. get rid of the ''bad vibes'' and 2. get some money for new clothes i'd like better . It's going way better and im on my way up! I'm putting more jewelry on so that's a start too( i used to never do that at all). Also i used to ( still kinda am) scared of other people's opinion , i have a very judgy class and school. I wear a lot of crop tops and i used to get a ton of comments on that but i still did it since i used to wear the same outfit over and over again. But im for sure gonna dress more like me. Also, im working on not caring about other people's unnecessary opinions :).

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8. Getting better in my makeup skills!
I absolutely love doing my makeup and i sometimes try new things that are out of my comfort zone. I want to get better in doing my makeup because i want to enhance my features better i guess. I also want to do my family and friends makeup since i like doing that too :)!

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9. Saying more yes to social events.
I used to say a lot of no if friends wanted to hang out last year. I guess i'd rather sit and stay at home watch some ytb vids or movies hahah. I've lost so many contact with people i used to adore because i said no and i have regret of doing that. It's sad that i only realised after the invitations stopped that i kinda took it for granted. Mostly i make plans when i'm in good mood but when the day actually comes i'll try to make a excuse and that's for sure a flaw of mine i want to work on. But the great news is that i've planned a lot of things like going to a concert , surfing, jogging, shopping, going to the movies and just eating in the city with my friends!!

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10. Being 10 times more positive than i already am!
We all have some of those day where you kind of just lay around and do nothing because there's this tiny thing that has all this power over you're thoughts , mood and day. I'm personally already pretty much a kind of happy girl, but i want to be more happy and grateful. i'm going to do law of attraction, if you don't know what that is i recommend watching a book or a video about it. I currently have this mindset about ' i decide how i and if i even react to something , i can either feel bad about it or i can feel okay with it and do something that makes me happy'. And just letting things flow, everything happens for a reason, great things are coming!!

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If reading to the end , Thank you so so so much for even taking time to read this whole article and hearing me out! I appreciate it a lot! ♥
I hope you guys now get to know me a bit better and how i think about certain things :) ! Feel free to msg me for other types of articles. Have the most marvellous day loves! x @vogueteehns