1. Be honest: I still have pictures of my crush and I on my phone that I look at sometimes.- False
2. If I saw my crush hanging with someone new at school, it wouldn't feel great.- True
3. I often find myself daydreaming about my crush and things I wished I'd said.- True
4. If my crush asked me to be friends with them, I would totally be down for that.- True
5. I sometimes wonder if my crush thinks about me as much as I think about them.- False
6. Whenever my crush and I listen to our "song" on the radio, I still feel something.- False
7. Every once in a while, I scroll through all of their social media profiles.- True
8. At times, I catch myself casually bringing up their name in conversations.- True

Mostly True: There's still feelings!
I'm not quite over my crush yet! I may have thought I finally got them off of my mind, but there are still some emotions I'm not ready to put behind me. They still have a piece of my heart, and I've tried to stay friends with them hoping there's a chance we two could end up together. TBH: If I really want to move forward, it's best to slowly distance myself so I can have the opportunity to really move on and figure out what I want.