I'm doing this tag, not only because I love making articles, but also because I enjoy sharing little bits and pieces of my personality. I always find it interesting to see what other people like and dislike as well, so the other "this or thats" challenges inspired me to do one too.
I chose the questions myself and added new ones to go along with the others you might already know.
So here we go..
Apartment or House?
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For living alone, nothing's better than having your own little apartment you can call your home. But one day when I have a family, I'd love to live in a beautiful house.

Aquarium or Zoo?
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Even though I love getting lost under the sea, I just enjoy how interactive Zoos are and the feeling of being on vacation in different countries at the same time while getting to know all these beautiful animals

City or Country?
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I grew up on the countryside for about 13 years and am very thankful that I did. Living there and being surrounded by different natural environments was my favourite part. I clearly remember running around the fields with my friends, taking walks with them or having picnics. We were really free.

Africa or Asia?
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One day I'll travel to Africa and do a safari tour.

London or Paris?
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Paris is full of wonderful art and architecture, but London is my favourite city. I live in England, and am lucky enough being able to just jump on a train and visit London whenever I want. I'm in love with the feelings it gives me, walking the streets of London is like being in a picture book or walking through history. It's a classic city with so many things to explore to. The architecture is admirable and my favourite thing to do is being at the British Museum. If you wanna go to London visit it when it's raining, that's when the city gives of the most enchanting vibes.

New York or Tokyo?
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winter, christmas, and city image christmas, winter, and snow image

I want to visit both cities, but something draws me more to New York. I especially would love to fly over for Chrsitmas and New Years one day. That's when the city is the most magical to me.

Halloween or Valentine’s Day?
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_I can't really decide between these two because I like both days for different reasons. Halloween is a great day for dressing as the person, character or even thing, you feel like expressing. Movies, songs and traditions revolving about this holiday make it even the more fun. I can't even put it into words why Halloween is a special day. From candies to ghost storytelling it's always an exciting day to look forward to.

I like that on Valentine's day everything really is about love and how people who have loved ones use this entire day only to tell and show them how much they love and mean to them. Of course you should do that every day, but on Valentine's day it's just supposed to enhance that and really only make it about them. I think it's nice we have a holiday dedicated to love._

Hip Hop or Rock?
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Rock, Baby!

Looks or Personality?
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I respect and am in love with people who have pure hearts. There's nothing more wonderful than finding someone who has a sincere personality. I'm so tired of people with their picture perfect looks who are faking it all.

Freckles or Dimples?
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I find freckles on women so cute & attractive and dimples more on men, but that's just me.

Shower or Bath?
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Showers are one of the most healing things you can do. I'm always looking forward to them and cleanseing my mind and soul. Also, who doesn't like pretending to be a popstar in it.

Hidden or Discovered?
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I'm a very adventurous person and love to find new places and far away lands, so anything that hasn't been found yet, makes me curious. What's might still be out there?

Night or Day?
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I'm a night person, I feel safe in the shadows and underneath a starry night sky. I also become more awake and creative during night-time.

Sun or Moon?
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There's just something magical about the moon.

Sunrise or Sunset?
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I love the sunrise. I love nothing more than witnissing the beginning of a new day, filled with new chances and being lucky enough to still fill your lungs with life.

Pancakes or Waffles?
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Pancakes. I mean look a these pictures. Do I really need to say more?

Burgers or Pizzas?
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This is a brutal one, but I gotta go with Pizza!

Vanilla or Cherry Coca Cola?
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I can't help but love both.

Piano or Guitar?
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The Piano is my favourite instrument. Its tunes just take me to another world. I hope one day I'll learn to play it myself.

Reading or Writing?
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Writing is my passion and it's who I am.

Romance or Horror?
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I grew up watching horror movies, and have always enjoyed watching them. The adrenaline thrill just makes me feel great. But I can't help loving a cheesy good romance as well. They make me all warm and fizzy inside, it's nice to live in a rosy world every once in a while.

Science or Art?
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I'm a big art lover, paint runs more through my veins than any scientific thing.

Sci-fi or Fantasy?
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Fantasy. I still wish I could escape to a place far, far away..

Library or Museum?
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Museums are my favourite place to be.

DC or Marvel?
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Marvel! The movies mean a lot to me because I not only enjoy watching them and immerse into their world, I just really love the character's and what they stand for. Everytime a new film comes out, I get excited like a little kid.

Singing or Dancing?
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Dancing makes me feel free and jubilant. It's an incredible way of self-expression and stress release.

Snow or Rain?
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Even though I love living in a 'snowglobe', there's just something about rain that makes me feel alive. I guess it's true when people say "Some feel the rain and other's just get wet."

Spring or Autumn?
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The beginning of awakeness. For me spring is an amazing time to really begin living, getting yourself up from the couch and go outside starting the things you always wanted to do. Out with the old and in with the new, doesn't matter if it's feelings, clothes or toxic people. I'm really looking forward smelling flowers again, seeing butterflies, wearing a dress and watching the world retrieving its colours back.

Summer or Winter?
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Winter begins in the last month of the year, which is to me also the most magical one. It's the season of relaxation and preparing for a new exciting and wonderful year. It's about creating new hopes and dreams. I think it's a lovely time to take care of yourself and also spend it with family and friends. Christmas and New Year's Eve, both of my favourite events events, make me love it even more. It just fills my heart with warmth and bliss.

Tajh Mahal or Eiffel Tower?
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I've been to Paris many times now and the Eiffel Tower never ceases to impress me, especially at night it becomes very beautiful. No matter if you're seeing it from afar or up close, it will overwhelm you. One time my best friend and I were on a carousel which stood right in front the Tower and we just watched the lights flicker and illuminating it, it was pretty magical. I would still love to see and visit the Tajh Mahal one day, the story/history behind it is very interesting and romantic.

Talking or Listening?
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I know what it's like when no one listens to you, so I don't like treating others like that. I enjoy listening to people who have a lot to tell, doesn't matter if it's something personal, sad or a secret. I will always listen to their feelings and what they have to say. It's also called mutual respect and being a nice human being.

Give or Receive?
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I think giving is one of the best human qualities. Seeing someone light up as soon as they receive something, doesn't matter if it's their favourite flowers, a compliment or love, is one of the most heartfelt actions in the world.

The perfect job or the perfect relationship?
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Since I know that if you want to have the job of your dreams, you have to work hard and never give up for it to happen, I'm choosing the perfect relationship. I already am trying to achive the career I want. Working for the job you want is influenced by your life decisions and determination, which anyone can follow (and I personally already do!). But THE perfect relationship is something that is so much more difficult to get, cause you can't just set it as your goal when there's no one to reach it with. Love doesn't come easy and it's tough to find someone who will always be there for you. Even though it's cheesy and most people won't admit it, but we all want to love and be loved, that's completely human. Once you've found the one, you wouldn't ever consider going back to your old life. And that's what I want.

Vanilla or Chocolate?
chocolate, milka, and food image food, chocolate, and yummy image chocolate, food, and yummy image chocolate, food, and cake image

Chocolate is way better than vanilla, if you ask me. I don't eat it very often, but when I do my kitchen will look like a battle field. I'll buy as much chocolate as possible when I'm in the mood for it. C'mon look at the images, how can you not resist this?