The scent of freshly-brewed coffee paints the air,
Steaming up glasses with clouds of condensation,
Cold hands tucked around the almost too hot to bear mug,
Legs contorted into pretzel-like shapes.

Clean clothes crowding the messy floor,
Waiting in a sort of purgatory,
Between worlds of drawers and washing machines,

The steady tap of rain outside the window,
The warmth of the house make you feel untouchable to the elements.

Fire blazing,
Flames crackling and sparking,
A multitude of maroons to marigolds,
Constantly interchanging.

Book balanced in one hand,
Crisp pages containing whole worlds,
For disappearing into,
To escape.

This is what it's like to feel whole.

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Hey guys, you seemed to enjoy my poem that I posted yesterday and I received really unexpectedly good feedback on it, so I decided to post another poem. As you can probably tell this poem is pretty much just describing my perfect day and when was writing it I didn't really have any more deep meanings in mind. I hope you enjoyed reading it! ;)