Excuse my stereotyping, lets pretend we are in high school.

ARIES - Bad Boy
You love the challenge of taming the wild guy. The guy who is sexy and confident. His ego might be big but his heart is bigger. He loves to be wild but also protect his girl.

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TAURUS - Fitness Freak
You adore a guy who cares about his health and body. He values his fitness and wants to look good for you. He may prioritise the gym, but you come way before that.

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GEMINI - Adventurous Guy
You love the confident and sense of adventure a guy has. He wants to do amazing things with you and travel the world with you by his side. He loves to push the boundaries and help get you out of your comfort zone while never failing to protect you.

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CANCER - Party Guy
You love the fun party guy. He is always buzzing with energy and makes you feel alive. He loves music festivals and parties and loves to take you and of course it wouldn't be a music festival without you up on his shoulders.

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LEO - Classy Man
You love a man with class. He loves to take you out and fine dine. He can't help but shower you with gifts and love. He is all about living the high life and he adores having his gorgeous classy woman around wherever he goes.

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VIRGO - Instagram Model
You fell for the gorgeous photogenic hunky guy who is adored by millions of followers. He looks above them and flaunts you all over his social media. He loves to show the world how much he loves you.

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LIBRA - Chill, Laid back and Cosy Lover
You love a laid back genuine guy who adores you no matter how you look. He loves relaxing dates and snuggling up to you. He will always make you feel beautiful and comforts you. He loves cuddles and is happy to tag along with you wherever, shopping, lunch, nail salon.

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SCORPIO - Protective Boyfriend
Your boy is definitely not one to mess with. He loves you and will always protect you from other guys. He takes care of you and always makes sure you are safe. He loves spending time with you going out and grabbing dinner.

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SAGITTARIUS - Homely Lover
Your man loves to care and look after you. He cooks for you and makes sure you always have what you need. He puts your needs before his and loves to treat his girl. He is talented in cooking and will help you clean your room.

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CAPRICORN - Boyish and Funny Guy
Your guy loves to cheer you up. You guys always have funny inside jokes and tease each other in a loving way. He loves to play fight with you and tickle you heaps. He loves to comfort you and make sure you are happy.

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AQUARIUS - Smart Guy
You love an intelligent man who knows how to earn big bucks. He is smart and pays attention to his degree and wants to get a good job so he can also help support you and him. You and him are a team both focused on work. You and him are able to have loving deep conversations about your future. He is all about commitment and he wants a family.

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PISCES - Romantic Guy
Your guy loves to switch things up in your relationship. He is kinky and loves to please you. He adores you and loves to make you feel appreciated. He loves to plan exciting surprises either on dates or for the bedroom.

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