I think I'm in love,again. Like,really.

He is one year older than me and he is on the same school as me. He has curly blonde short hair and his smile is so cute. He looks like a sunshine. If u don't know yet I reallyyyy likeee boys with blonde hair. I really like him. We're chatting all day. He really makes me smile and it's nice to have one person again in my life who truly makes me happy. Even thought that I won't forget my ex (something),obviously I did. And I'm really,really happy.

But…I'm scared of losing him,that one day we won't talk anymore,that one day he won't care about me at all,that he will find one better,more beautiful and smartest girl. I'm scared that he would choose her,because I'm nothing. I really want him,because he brings happiness in my life even if we only write to each other.

I like your hair,voice,eyes,smile,…everything on you is just perfect,but I'm scared that you will find other,better girl.

Please,stay. I need you more than you think.

xoxo Spela

♥ English isn't my first language,so sorry If I made any mistake.
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