Here are, by far, the most magical movies I have ever seen. And I have seen plenty, they are my escape door from reality, most beautiful pictures and most colorful flowers of my mind.

The snow queen (2002) *

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Image by WildOne.A.
Image by WildOne.A.

Movie is about a girl hero, who goes through all 4 of seasons to rescue the guy she had fallen in love with. Yes, she goes through spring, summer, fall and winter. Which is brilliant ! ꧂

Star dust (2007) ★

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Image by WildOne.A.
Image by WildOne.A.
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Movie is about true intentions, priorities, about a girl from the sky. It has witches, unicorns, kings, magic, and true love. Absolutely amazing. ✧

Jack and the Beanstalk The Real Story (2001)

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This is such a interesting movie, a person could almost believe that this could've happened in the past. Believable story, best version I have seen of this movie. ☘

Snow White: The Fairest of Them All (2001)

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For me, this is the best version of Snow White, it possesses every magical detail that movies these days fail to have.

The Secret Of Moonacre (2009)

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This movie that will brighten up any little girls day. I wish that I saw this movie sooner that I did, but anyhow, it is really sweet. It tickles your imagination. ꕥ

That's a wrap

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These are just some that I adore, if you are interested in more, I have them. Give a chance to those movies, you won't be disappointed.

xoxo, Ana ❥