about a year ago, my teacher gave me a book to read, it's called the magic. i discovered through that book, a gift worth the world, it's the law of attraction. ever since my life changed for the better, i started looking at things in a positive way, putting goals and believing that i will reach them, and i did.

i learnt that the thing that help most is being grateful, appreciating what you have, and you'll radiate better things into your life.

  • appreciate your #1 support: your family
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  • appreciate your friends who stick by you through good and bad
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  • appreciate the little things in life
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  • appreciate god's beauty
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  • appreciate kind gesture
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  • appreciate the little creatures
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  • appreciate love
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  • appreciate good old memories
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  • appreciate the adrenaline in your veins
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you should appreciate your entire life, but here's some things to get you inspired, hope you liked it.