Hey everyone! Some people are doing this challenge maybe because of the song or it's just trending. So why don't I give it a try myself?
Here are some of the topics and you'll get to know me because of only pictures. Let's see!


fashion, girl, and style image linkin park image autumn, fall, and fashion image dress image


interior and pink image pastel, pink, and house image blue, theme, and indie image Mature image


vintage, typewriter, and write image book, black, and rings image music image dancing, emma stone, and gif image


dog, cute, and animal image adorable, beauty, and girl image fish, aesthetic, and water image pig, cute, and ice cream image


pizza, yummy, and love image chocolate, donuts, and colors image food, Chicken, and fries image fruit, food, and healthy image


funny, hit, and karma image angel, Devil, and quotes image Image by cigarettes after sex. quotes, beauty, and woman image


love, couple, and goals image boss, glam, and luxury+ image book, library, and room image travel, map, and world image


books, ya, and holding up the universe image kris4amurr, book, and john green image author, books, and poetry image book, coffee, and david image


band, nirvana, and music image Sara Bareilles image ariana grande, ariana, and singing image twice, camila cabello, and mina image red velvet, joy, and wendy image beautiful, sing, and sabrina carpenter image