On We Heart It I saw some type of challenge that I really liked, I don't know who came up with it but credits to you! In this article you'll hopefully get to know me better so without further ado lets get into it!

♥ Style

fashion, style, and boots image outfit, clothes, and pink image

♥ Fast food

food, fast food, and pizza image food, McDonalds, and nuggets image

♥ Baking

brownies, chocolate, and oreo image cake, chocolate, and dessert image

♥ Healthy food

fruit and food image food, drink, and salad image

♥ Hanging out with friends

aesthetic, dark, and goals image girl, summer, and friends image

♥ Series

friends, food, and Joey image pretty image

♥ Date nights

couple, love, and goals image boyfriend, dark, and day image

♥ Favourite drinks

tea, rings, and coffee image FRUiTS, sangria, and españa image

♥ Body inspiration

beach, summer, and girl image beautiful, black, and girl image

♥ Make-up

makeup, nails, and beauty image makeup, eyes, and eye image

♥ Lyrics

aesthetic, badlands, and inspiration image badlands, boy, and couple image

♥ Animals

cat, kitten, and kitty image cat, cute, and kitten image

♥ Piercing

necklace, earrings, and accessories image piercing, earrings, and ear image

♥ Tattoo

beautiful, body, and delicate image tattoo, flowers, and rose image

This was it, I hope you enjoyed reading it! Don't forget to check out my account if you want to!

¿are you happy?
¿are you happy?
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