Hello Everybody! ❤
This post is dedicate for everyone. Everyone that need some advices. To that people that don't look very proudly at themselves and think they are not good enough and don't have decided about their lifes yet.

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Of course you matter
Not only girls, but also boys, need to realize how much they value just by being themselves. Honey, not becuase you play some sports everybody likes, or put some make-up on your face, you are going to be accepted.
Start caring less about everything, about what say these toxic people
I know it's too hard to do this, but we need to.
Leave them darling, if they aren't giving you any benefits or helping inn you're live, leave them. By being yourself you're more valuable, than pretending being "their stereotypes of people"

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You may not think about this, but it is true
Study what you like, take good photos and enjoy everything.
Accept the fact that you have your own time, everything is going to come at the exact time.
You are gonna have that house you liked since you were little, you're gonna have pets that are going to love so freaking much, your children will adore you and take you as a role model for them. You dream work Is gonna be so fantastic. You will be grateful for everything you will have.
Everything is going to happen, let it happen when it has too.

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Why are you going to study so much and ended up working all your life?
It does not have any sense.
The advice here is do what you love
Cliché but true. The thing is if you enjoy what you're going to do as a work, you may not feel this pressure.
There are some people that are lost.
They're wondering what am I gonna do?, Would I be happy?, Am I gonna enjoy it?, Why not other career?, and blah blah blah...
You start overthinking and getting more lost than you were.
Just try to calm down. We are going to find our way to this
Don't forget the people you have around you, they may can help you too. Take your time to think slowly, do not push yourself into things you may later do not like.

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Imagine being the sister, or even the 12-year-old girl.
Society still makes this happen and we are going to nowhere with this.
People need to change this, Stop letting them to change your mind.
Being skinny, chubby, tall, small, black, white, asian, latin, with curly or straight hair,etc doesn't matter. We just need to love and accept ourselves. This world is not gonna change in any way if we do not appreciate us and the people who care about us.

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We are all beutiful, in our own original way.😍
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You do not need people by your side to be "somebody".
You do not your girlfriend/boyfriend that doesn't support you, that friend that always makes you feel bad. Feel free to be the Queen/ King you always wanted to be without people.

Thanks for reading.
I did this with all my love, for everybody.❤

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