This challenge looks fun so i'm going to do it even if nobody cares about me lmao.

1. Personality

alternative Superthumb Superthumb equality


aesthetic clothes aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic girl

3. Colours

aesthetic Superthumb Superthumb aesthetic

4. Food

Superthumb Superthumb chips cake

5. Music

Superthumb sunset the neighbourhood Superthumb
bishop briggs, jaden smith, the neighbourhood, rosalia, etc.

7. Movies

Back to the Future george clooney DC Superthumb
back to the future, from dusk till dawn, wonder woman, les choristes

8. Books

Superthumb Superthumb book Superthumb
carry on, harry potter, the jungle book, clockwork prince

9. Passions

art book article boy
drawing,reading, watching movies/ shows, crying (at least i do it a lot)

10. TV shows

and this are not even all the shows i love wtf is wrong with me

11. Goals

adventure Superthumb
travel the world, going to concerts