When i was 16, we talked, again. I thought that i have moved on. But i thought wrong. He told me that he has a girlfriend and being the best friend, i supported him without thinking that it will shatters my heart. One day, he told me that he broke it off with his girlfriend. And i said, " I will always be here if you wanna talk about it ". A broken heart is not a joke. I tried to heal it and i succeed. He said that he likes me more than a best friend does. Being an overjoyed teenage girl, i accepted his confession. We started dating and my high school friends know about him. Our times were going very fine until one day you said that " this is wrong ". I asked him " WHAT is wrong? " . And he replied me with a word.
" us "
I don't want to be desperate in this kind of relationship so i agreed with him to stop this relationship.