We have known each other since we were 9. I thought that we will never talk and see each other after our life in elementary school's ends. He went to a different high school but in the same town as mine. But guess what, this girl is somehow Rapunzel. By that, you know how my life was. And thanks to the social medias that we got to talk to each other. When i was 14, when we were chatting, i felt something grow in me. At that moment, I knew that i fell in love with my own best friend. Gosh that was hard for me to deal with. And I thought that i have to get rid of these feelings because i wanted to protect our relationship. Being 14, I always thought that friendship is everything. "What happens if we break up? What happens after that? I don't want to lose my best friend ". Being the generous one, I stopped talking to him hahaha.