I´m sure a lot of you like it to sleep as long as possible. I like it too, but recently I got up earlier and it really changed my days. I´m a lot more productive and have a lot more time to do whatever I want. Nevertheless I still sleep a little longer sometimes. But just try it out and find out what you like best. Here are some tips for you.

To do lists

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Write down what you want to do the next day before going to sleep. This way you will exactly know what you will have to do and you will be motivated to get up early and get everything done.

Alarm clock

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Put your alarm clock on the other side of the room. This is helping me a lot as I will have to stand up and cross my room to put of the probably most annoying noise in the world. Unfortunately I still have struggles not to go to bed again, but it´s a really good way though.


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Before you go to sleep you can also plan what you will have to do and how long it will take. So you will know how long it will take to get things done und when your free time starts. I swear this is so motivating.


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Don´t close your curtains when you go to bed or ask your parents to open them or to turn the lights on when they wake you up. It´s literally the most annoying thing when you want to sleep but there is light everywhere.


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You can also put a glass of water right to your bed and drink it as soon as you wake up. This way you will feel a lot fresher and you are not as likely to fall asleep again.

Free time

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Motivate yourself by thinking about all the good things that will happen that day. Also think about what you will be able to do in your free time. Whether it´s meeting your friends, reading, baking or watching a series. And the sooner you will get up the earlier you will be able to do all those things.

Positive thoughts

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As soon as you wake up think about all the good things in your life. Think about everything you are grateful for and why it´s actually good to get up and start another day with another great experinces.

I hope that some of my advices will help you :)

Stay safe and have a nice day!
Yours Sylvia