okay so there are a few things i wanna do before i (obv) die!!!

let's get to the list shall we?

1. go to disneyland

city, sky, and sunset image

this may sound weird but here where i live is so difficult to travel because you know money.

2. see live one of my favourite bands

panic! at the disco, brendon urie, and P!ATD image

Panic! at the disco ladies and gentlemen!!!!! so if you don't know panic! at the disco check him out on youtube!

3.dye my hair

hair, braid, and beauty image

i'm just a bit emo so my emo self want to come out you know ^_^

4. hidden tattoo

girl, ideas, and ink image

i like small but sure things so a hidden tattoo will be perfect!

5. be a designer

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i love imagine things and then make them come true so this is one of my dreams

6. draw a graffiti

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i want to express my feelings through art and let people see that graffiti isn't always vandalism.

7. give roses to people who are alone on Valentine's day

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I'm thinking this a lot lately. So many people are sad because they don't have a valentine. Well not a problem anymore because i know how they feel and who knows maybe i will find my true love trough this.

That's it! I hope you guys like my article and if you want me to keep writing then leave a like! I love you all and don't forget you can change the world! <3

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