Hello, Loves! I've disappeared off Whi for a week or two to do my blog setup for my newest blog, Blogging Girl Daily!! Please check it out and send me feedback. I know I haven't been posting as often as I usually do but I'm back and this time with a beauty article which I almost never do. I hope you enjoy!! Here's My Everyday Makeup Routine.

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First step is always primer even though I hardly use foundation, I notice that my blush and eye makeup last all day with primer.

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I use: Baby Skin Primer

Okay this is gonna sound a little weird.. My brows are black in color so I haven't found any specific brow product that matches my color because they're always way too light. So I opted for a pot gel liner which has a brow formula. I generally just fill in the shape and brush my brows a little and sometimes add brow gel to the front.

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I use: Rimmel London Pot Gel Liner

I usually use a shade closest to my skin tone on my lids and then smoke out the bottom lids with a dark brown shade. This also hides my dark circles from watching AHS the night before until 2am (don't judge)

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I use: Morphe Palette (35O)

I use my foundation more like a concealer. I place it under my eyes, around my imperfections but I don't really use it all over my face, simply because I'm lazy too and will probably wipe it off somehow anyways.

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I use: Lo-real Infallible Foundation

I love blush, I place my blush on my cheekbones like I would with highlight and also a little on the tip of my nose and I love the look it gives.

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I use: 'Colours' blush

I use a lip balm like my trusty old Labello before to pirme my lips. I then apply lip pencil and over that my lipstick for a longer lasting finish.

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I use: Mac Lipstick in Ruby Woo

I hope you enjoyed this 'Beauty' article. I will be doing a lot more of these since I would like to move my motivational content to my blog: https://blogginggirldaily.com

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Alana - Mae

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